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Take some time to read through our client submitted success stories and or submit your own. We love hearing about animals that have been helped by our product!

Please make sure to read Biscuit’s Story. He is the miniature horse that inspired us to find a way to battle Pythiosis with essential oils. Traditional treatment did not give us positive results so we turned to nature to help!

These stories are not just about Equine Pythiosis but also show Antibiotic Resistant wounds. Vets had recommended euthanasia but the owners decided to try Major’s Solution and it worked!

WARNING: Photos on this page may be graphic for some viewers.



Biscuit was diagnosed with Pythiosis and his foot was debrided 4 times but would grow back again within a couple days. Traditional treatment didn’t arrest this problem. Read more “Biscuit”

Pythium Insidiosum Phycomycosis

This case had been using “Phycho-Fixer” from UF for months and had not seen results. Within 3 days of Fungus Free Plus Internal and Topical use, the entire infected piece of tissue sloughed off. Read more “Pythium Insidiosum Phycomycosis”

Pythiosis in Texas

Pythiosis on sheath of horse

This gelding was initially diagnosed with cancer of the sheath and penis and then later diagnosed with pythiosis.
Read more “Pythiosis in Texas”

Pythiosis Insidiosum on Ankle

This mare was diagnosed with Pythiosis in late July and we were contacted for information by the barn owner. The horse owner had agreed to using the PavLab vaccine and applying something topical but refused to consider a debridement. Read more “Pythiosis Insidiosum on Ankle”

Pythiosis Insidiosum on Stomach

This gelding presented with Pythiosis just behind the girth area. The size of the lesion is about 10’’ across and hangs down from belly several inches.
Read more “Pythiosis Insidiosum on Stomach”

Pythium Insidiosum

This 15 year old Mustang mare had contracted and been living with Pythiosis for over a year. She had received 2 series of the Immunology Serum which had failed and was scheduled for euthanasia. Read more “Pythium Insidiosum”

Antibiotic Resistant Flesh Eating Bacteria

This gelding sustained a puncture wound and it progressed to this stage in about ten days. We were contacted on August 5th as one of the three vets called out on this case suggested it was possibly Pythiosis.
Read more “Antibiotic Resistant Flesh Eating Bacteria”


Hot Spots and Fleas

This dog is highly sensitive to flea bites and chewed itself raw, thus creating hot spots.
Read more “Hot Spots and Fleas”

Demodectic Mange and Puncture Wounds

This dog had been being used as a “bait” dog for a pit bull fighting operation. He sustained numerous puncture wounds and lacerations and also had a severe case of demodectic mange.
Read more “Demodectic Mange and Puncture Wounds”

Antibiotic Resistant Wound

Day after release from a tumor removal surgery, the dog escaped cone and chewed through stitches to bone. The wound did not respond to veterinarian prescribed treatment and the client contacted us after one week. Read more “Antibiotic Resistant Wound”

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Here is an example of  before and after photos. All cases are different, we just need a clear image of what your animals' wound looked like at the start of using Major's Solution and the end result. Progress photos are welcome as well.

Please know that we may contact you for additional information after you've submitted your testimonial. All photos are original and not edited in anyway other than cropping or brightening an image. Any and all testimonials are welcome from  simple Dog Hot Spot success stories, Rainrot, Thrush, Fungal or Bacteria Infections  to life-threatening Equine Pythiosis, Swamp Cancer, Florida Leeches or MRSA.

If you prefer, feel free to reach out to us and we can put together the story for you. It can be challenging to upload and write your own testimonial and we understand that. Just know we are here to help and everyone who shares their story is helping show others that this disease and many other diseases can be overcome!