Equine Usage Guide

Our knowledge comes from years of experience working with owners, veterinarians, holistic healers, herbalists and more. In the past twelve years since Major’s Solution™ (formerly Fungus Free Plus®) was created, we have helped countless dogs and horses enjoy healthier skin. We have put together some basic guidelines for wound care below. Follow our basic guidelines below and if you have any questions please call us, email us, text us! We would love to hear from you and help on your healing journey.

Open Wounds

Step 1: Clean the wound
Thoroughly wash with mild soap or a sea salt solution. Pat dry with clean towel. A sea salt solution may be made by dissolving 1 teaspoon of sea salt to each 8 ounces of water. A 32 ounce spray bottle works well for keeping the solution handy. When initially making the solution we suggest warm water as it is easier to dissolve the salt.
Step 2: Major’s Solution™ (formerly Fungus Free Plus®)
Shake the bottle before each use. Apply a small amount of Major’s Solution™to the wound and surrounding area twice to four times daily. A little bit goes a long way, no need to saturate the wound. A light layer will do.
Step 3: Dress the wound
This product may safely be used under bandaging. We recommend changing bandages at least once to twice per day and re-applying Major’s Solution™ at each bandage change. (This does not apply to post surgical pressure bandages).

If the wound is in a hard to bandage area, please give us a call to discuss. Over the years, we have come up with some really creative ways to cover areas that do not lend themselves to traditional bandages.

*New studies have found that when wounds are kept moist and covered, blood vessels regenerate faster and the number of cells that cause inflammation drop more rapidly than they do in wounds allowed to air out. It is best to keep a wound moist and covered until healed.
Step 4: Continue Treatment
Thoroughly clean the wound. Apply Major’s Solution™ twice a day. Apply fresh bandage if possible. Continue this treatment until the wound is healed.

Rain Rot

Step 1: Clean and Wash
Thoroughly wash with mild soap and cold water. Allow to time to air dry or rug down with a clean towel.
Step 2: Major’s Solution™ (formerly Fungus Free Plus®)
Apply a half dollar size amount to your palm and rub hands together. Rub against the grain of the hair and work it into skin. Repeat until entire area is covered with a thin layer of our essential oil blend.
Step 3: Continue Treatment
Repeat application twice per day if possible. Bathing between applications is not necessary unless the horse is extremely dirty. We do however recommend bathing at least every three days. We recommend a flea comb be used to gently comb out the bumpy lesions as they soften. It is worth the small investment! Do not pick with your fingernails. PLEASE, be gentle. If they do not comb out easily, wait another day. When using the flea comb, make sure it is not at right angles to the area being combed. The idea is to slide the comb at the same angle the hair grows to gently lift and remove the scabs without hurting the horse.


Step 1: Clean the hoof
Clean the affected hoof well with hoof pick & brush clean.
Step 2: Major’s Solution™ (formerly Fungus Free Plus®)
Apply to the frog 4-6 drops twice per day. Try to cover the frog completely along with any holes or crevices. Major’s Solution™ may be used after hoof resections. Apply in & around any old nail holes, chips, and cracks a several times after Farrier consultation. For deep crevices we recommend packing with cotton soaked in Major’s Solution™. As long as the cotton stays in place more product may be applied to existing cotton.
Step 3: Monitor Progress
When Thrush is caught early it may only require two to three applications.


Step 1: Clean the hoof
Gently brush clean the affected hoof wall of all dirt and sand.
Step 2: Major’s Solution™ ( formerly Fungus Free Plus®)
Fill ½ dropper and apply around affected white line area twice per day.
Step 3: Monitor Progress
Apply in & around any old nail holes, chips, and cracks several times after Farrier consultation.

Please note that a hoof resection may be necessary to access all of the disease. Apply Major’s Solution™ to any area you are able to access.


Pythiosis is caused by a fungal-like aquatic organism called Pythium insidiosum. This organism is not a true fungus, but behaves somewhat similarly. It exists in stagnant water, or on grasses that have been exposed to the stagnant water. Although many dog and horse owners have never heard of this water borne plant pathogen, we believe it is more common than vets or researchers realize. No reporting of animal Pythiosis cases is required. It is becoming more resistant and it’s also moving further north (some cases as far north as Arkansas, Washington State, and North Carolina).

Pythiosis is often misdiagnosed as a Summer Sore which is caused by larvae of Habronema or Draschia species worms. As Pythiosis closely resembles a Summer Sore this is not an unreasonable diagnosis, but unfortunately it results in delaying proper treatment. It is a fast growing, flesh eating type disease (eventually going into organs and bone) producing lesions that grow very quickly despite traditional treatments. Left untreated it is fatal. It attacks an immune deficient system and thrives when offered antibiotics and sugars, both of which create yeast/candida overgrowths. Our product can help curb the yeast overload and may help the “kunkers” (resembling small, bumpy rice kernels) exit the body.

*We now know Major’s Solution™ ( formerly Fungus Free Plus®) has a positive effect on Lagenidium Gigantus. Although very rare, we were contacted by a documented case in North Florida for product. The horse is doing well and responding favorably to the Major’s Solution™ protocol.

Step 1: Clean infected area
Gently clean the area with a sea salt solution or mild soap, pat or let dry.  A sea salt solution may be made using 1 teaspoon of sea salt per 8 ounces of water. We suggest warm water for ease of dissolving the salt and a 32 ounce spray bottle to keep the solution handy.
Step 2: Major’s Solution™ (formerly Fungus Free Plus®)
Shake the bottle before each use. Apply enough Major’s Solution™ to cover the area.
Step 3: Bandage the area
This product may safely be used under bandaging. We highly recommend changing bandages twice per day and applying Major’s Solution™at each bandage change. For hard to bandage areas, please contact us. We have learned many creative bandaging techniques over the past 12 years.
Step 4: Recommended Treatment
Continue to re-apply & bandage at least twice daily until wounds are completely scab free. Keep styptic powder on hand as “Kunkers” may cause bleeding at the exit site. Do not pick at these they will fall out naturally. If a bleeder occurs, use pressure on the spot for a few minutes. Apply Major’s Solution™ topically up to four times per day safely. Debridements are recommended to hasten the healing time. Use Major’s Solution™ on wound directly after debridement, leaving the pressure bandage on for at least 24 hrs. before your first bandage change.

*If you have an extremely severe case that has been ongoing for a long period of time or is larger than a quarter or half dollar we recommend our Internal Formula as a top dressing in grain or syringed orally twice a day. This is a systemic disease and the inside of the horse must be addressed as well as what is visible.
We have a treatment suggestion sheet that is included with every Pythiosis order that lists some things that can be helpful in boosting the immune system. Many are available at your local feed store and some would be administered by your veterinarian. Ultimately, it is the body that heals itself, given the proper support.


Organic Lavendula Augustifolia Organic Lavender

Organic Mentha Piperita

Organic Peppermint

Organic Origanum Vulgare

Organic Origanum Minutiflorum

Organic Oregano

Organic Pelargonium Graveolens

Organic Geranium

Organic Thymus Vulgaris

Organic Thyme

Organic Olea Europa

Vitis Vinifera


Contact us for specific scientific studies on the properties of essential oils.







Adaptogenic Activity

Free Radical Scavenging

Immune Support


We are proud to say that we source our high quality ingredients from a distributor headquartered on a certified organic farm in Oregon. Our ingredients are extracted via steam distillation which is widely recognized as the best method. All of our products are manufactured in the US and are FEI and USEF compliant.


Note: Our Internal Formula contains only essential oils recommended for ingestion and are all on the FDA’s “gras” (generally recognized as safe) list as are all the ingredients in our topical formula. As with all holistic products we must include the following disclaimer:

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.