Canine Usage Guide

Our knowledge comes from years of experience working with owners, veterinarians, holistic healers, herbalists and more. In the past twelve years since Major’s Solution™ (formerly Fungus Free Plus®) was created, we have helped countless dogs and horses enjoy healthier skin. We have put together some basic guidelines for wound care below. Follow our basic guidelines below and if you have any questions please call us, email us, text us! We would love to hear from you and help on your healing journey.

Open Wounds

Step 1: Clean the wound
Thoroughly wash with mild soap or a sea salt solution. Pat dry with clean towel.
Step 2: Major’s Solution™ (formerly Fungus Free Plus®)
Shake the bottle before each use. Apply a small amount of Major’s Solution™ to the wound at least twice and up to four times daily.
Step 3: Dress the wound
This product may safely be used under bandaging. We recommend changing bandages at least once but preferably twice per day and re-applying Major’s Solution™at each bandage change. (This does not apply to post-surgical pressure bandages which are generally left on for at least 24 hours.)
*New studies have found that when wounds are kept moist and covered, blood vessels regenerate faster and the number of cells that cause inflammation drop more rapidly than they do in wounds allowed to air out. It is best to keep a wound moist and covered until healed.
Step 4: Continue Treatment
Thoroughly clean the wound. Apply Major’s Solution™ twice a day. Continue this treatment until the wound is healed. It is best to keep the wound moist and covered if possible.

Hot Spots

Step 1: Clean
Thoroughly wash with mild soap or a sea salt solution. Pat dry with clean towel.
Step 2: Major’s Solution™ (formerly Fungus Free Plus®)
Apply sparingly directly on hot spots, (but cover completely) – on irritated areas or raw spots.
Step 3: Recommended Treatment
Apply twice up to three times per day as needed. It’s okay for Dogs to lick off, but keep them occupied for a time to allow for better absorption. We suggest a 1 oz. bottle. It may last two to four weeks (depending on size of area you are treating)
*Our oil based product will stain fabrics. We suggest covering furniture while using Major’s Solution™ if your dog frequents the couch.

Ear Fungus

Step 1: Clean
Clean the ears with any type of cleaning solution made for dogs first.

Step 2: Major’s Solution™ (formerly Fungus Free Plus®)
Use a cotton ball or cotton pad to apply Fungus Free Plus® and gently rub into affected ear. If ears are infected down into the canal, place two or three drops carefully into the canal and rub the outside of the ear to help work the formula down into the canal.

Step 3: Recommended Treatment
Re-apply two to three times per day until relief is noted.

Demodex or Demodectic Mange

Step 1: Call your veterinarian
Schedule an appointment to determine course of action

Step 2: Major’s Solution™ (formerly Fungus Free Plus®)
For the localized form: Apply a thin film of Major’s  Solution™  to the exposed skin patches. Shake the bottle before each use. A little bit goes a long way. There is no need to use liberally. The spray atomizer can be used for large areas or simply pour a small amount in your hand, rub hands together and smooth on.

For the generalized form: Wash and bathe with veterinarian directed shampoos and dips, along with oral medication. Apply a thin film of Major’s Solution™ to the exposed skin patches. Shake the bottle before each use.

Step 3: Recommended Treatment
Continue to use Major’s Solution™ until new hair growth is established and the disease is no longer active.


Step 1: Disinfect
Thoroughly wash with medicated soap and pat dry with a clean towel. We suggest the use of gloves due to the highly contagious nature of ringworm.
Step 2: Major’s Solution™ (formerly Fungus Free Plus®)
Shake the bottle before each use. Apply a small amount of Major’s Solution™ to the circular, bare spots on the skin.
Step 3: Recommended Treatment
Continue to use Major’s Solution™ until the round circular, bare spots disappear. There are no contraindications for use with any oral medication that your veterinarian may prescribe. Clean and disinfect any area of your home or car that your dog came in contact with. Quarantine for several weeks is suggested due to the contagious nature of ringworm.


Pythiosis is caused by a fungal-like aquatic organism called Pythium insidiosum. This organism is not a true fungus, but behaves somewhat similarly. It exists in stagnant water, or on grasses that have been exposed to the stagnant water. the spores can become airborne in high winds and be spread in that manner. Wherever they land, they may lay dormant for long periods of time until activated by rain or heavy dew. Although many dog and horse owners have never heard of this water borne plant pathogen, we believe it is more common than vets or researchers realize. No reporting of animal pythiosis cases is required. It is becoming more resistant and it’s also moving further north (some cases as far north as Arkansas, Washington State, and North Carolina).


There are two ways Pythiosis presents in dogs. Cutaneous (pythiosis of the skin) is visable, with lesions that can develop in many areas. some dogs are affected in more than one area. It commonly appears on the legs, tail, head or neck, perineum or inside of the thigh. We have seen cases where the entire back is covered. The lesions differ somewhat from what is common in the horse. In our experience, kunkers (necrotic, sometimes calcified, pale material that resemble bumpy rice kernals) are not present in Canine lesions. Rather, these lesions may have pus filled nodules and draining tracts.

We have found the sub-cutaneous cases to be much more common. Most common of the sub-cutaneous type of Pythiosis is gastro-intestinal although it may also infect the brain, lungs or sinuses. Symptoms of stiffness, head pain, fever, coughing and swelling of the sinuses may be seen for the latter. Symptoms of Gastrointestinal (GI) may include fever, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, abdominal mass and pain and enlarged lymph nodes. Unfortunately, once symptoms appear the disease has been present for some time.


*We now know Major’s Solultion™ (formerly Fungus Free Plus®)has a positive effect on Lagenidium Gigantus. Although very rare, we were contacted by a documented case in North Florida for product. The horse is doing well and responding favorably to the Major’s Solution™ protocol. At this time we have not heard of any reported cases of canine Lagenidium Gigantus.


Step 1: Clean infected area
Gently clean the area with a sea salt solution, pat or let dry.
Step 2:  Major’s Solution™ (formerly Fungus Free Plus®)
Shake the bottle before each use. Apply enough Major’s Solution™ to cover the area.
Step 3: Bandage the area
This product may safely be used under bandaging. We highly recommend changing bandages twice per day and applying Major’s Solution™ at each bandage change.
Step 4: Recommended Treatment
Continue to re-apply & bandage until wound is scab free. We recommend our Canine Internal formula be used in conjunction with the topical formula. The dosage is just 1 drop per 10 lbs twice a day.

For Sub-cutaneous cases the dosage for the Canine Internal formula is the same.


*Ultimately, it is the body that heals itself, given the proper support.


Organic Lavendula Augustifolia Organic Lavender

Organic Mentha Piperita

Organic Peppermint

Organic Origanum Vulgare

Organic Origanum Minutiflorum

Organic Oregano

Organic Pelargonium Graveolens

Organic Geranium

Organic Thymus Vulgaris

Organic Thyme

Organic Olea Europa

Vitis Vinifera


Contact us for specific scientific studies on the properties of essential oils.







Adaptogenic Activity

Free Radical Scavenging

Immune Support


We are proud to say that we source our high quality ingredients from a distributor headquartered on a certified organic farm in Oregon. Our ingredients are extracted via steam distillation which is widely recognized as the best method.


Note: Our Internal Formula contains only essential oils recommended for ingestion and are all on the FDA’s “gras” (generally recognized as safe) list as are all the ingredients in our topical formula. As with all holistic products we must include the following disclaimer:

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.