Thrush in Horses



Thrush in horses is a very common problem affecting the frog of a hoof. It may be present in just one hoof or multiple hooves. In severe cases it may cause permanent lameness. It is for this reason, thrush in horses should be treated seriously.


The first sign of thrush is usually the strong distinctive odor. Oozing, black discharge may be seen. Contracted heels and the deeper corners of the frog closest to the heel bulbs are usually the starting places for thrush. Oftentimes, thrush is much deeper than it appears. One may test for sensitivity by pressing firmly on the frog with a thumb or a pair of hoof testers. If the horse reacts, it is indicative of a deeper infection.

Ideal conditions for the bacterium Sphaerophorus Necrophorus or Candida Albicans to invade the frog of a hoof include:

  • Extremely wet weather
  • Infrequent or the absence of regular hoof cleaning
  • Dirty stall conditions or muddy paddocks
  • An uncommonly deep central sulcus in the frog.


Areas of the hoof that may be affected include:


  • The sensitive underlying tissue called the Frog Corium
  • Infection of the Deep Digital Cushion
  • The Deep Digital Flexor Tendon which attaches to the Coffin Bone (resulting in permanent lameness)


When treating thrush in horses, one should be aware that there are many products promoted for this condition that may also harm the sensitive tissue with harsh chemicals. Even homemade solutions containing bleach or hydrogen peroxide can cause damage. Major’s Solution™ ( formerly Fungus Free Plus) all natural essential oil blend creates an unfriendly environment for infection to persist, without damage to underlying tissue or pain of stinging or burning.


The first step to controlling and eradicating thrush is to thoroughly clean the hoof and if necessary have your farrier pare away any part of the frog that may be overgrown or have flaps of dead frog. A few drops of Major’s Solution™ should be applied to the cracks and crevices after cleaning twice a day. For deep holes or contracted heels, cotton balls may be wet with Major’s Solution™ and packed into the holes carefully with a hoof pick.  Continue adding cotton balls until the crevice or hole will not accept any more. As long as the cotton balls stay in, more Major’s Solution™ may be added. We suggest removing and replacing every other day. For cases that are caught early it generally takes only a few days to clear. Deeper cases of thrush will take longer. A little bit of Major’s Solution™ goes a long way, generally a one ounce bottle is more than enough to take care of thrush in horses.


As always our proprietary essential oil blend is 100% guaranteed. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.