Our 100% organic oils penetrate the most stubborn areas to heal the skin naturally.

Rain Rot Rain Scald

Rain Rot

Rain rot is a very common skin infection seen in horses that is also referred to as “rain scald.” The organism that causes rain rot can often be found in warm damp conditions where high humidity and temperature are present. The first signs of this condition are small raised bumps that generally present on the rump first. This is a very painful condition for the horse. Please consult our Usage guide below for more information.


Pythiosis is a rare and deadly tropical disease caused by the oomycete Pythium insidiosum. Most vets recommend drastic measures, sometimes even recommending putting the horse down. In the past twelve years we have helped over a thousand horse owners overcome this horrible disease. Please, do not hesitate to call if you suspect your horse may have contracted Pythiosis.


Thrush omits a distinct smell that is usually the sign of this fungal infection of the hoof. It can appear in the frog or center sulcus and can be difficult to get rid of even in the cleanest environments. Many commercial products are caustic and can cause damage to surrounding healthy tissue. Our essential oils do not harm sensitive areas. Many people see results withing days. Please see our Usage guide below for more information.

Fighting Pythiosis

Pythiosis on sheath of horse
Pythiosis is a rare and deadly tropical disease caused by the oomycete Pythium insidiosum. It is extremely important to catch this early, as it is systemic.

These infections are difficult to fight and can take months. This disease is often misdiagnosed as a summer sore or proud flesh. “Silver Stain” or Bloodwork testing is recommended. Major’s Solution™ (formerly Fungus Free Plus) is a natural and holistic aid to help clear up Pythiosis/Pythium.

Seriously Effective Holistic Remedy

Here at Major’s Solution™ (formerly Fungus Free Plus®), we have taken the holistic approach with our wound care product.

Since it’s creation in 2005, our blend of organic and therapeutic grade oils has never contained any chemicals or man-made ingredients. Major’s Solution™ (formerly Fungus Free Plus®) may be used on any open wound and many other afflictions your horse or dog may contract. It is gentle on wounds and does not sting or burn.

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