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Sue Copeland – Founder and Owner of Fungus Free

From an early age, Sue’s love of nature and animals has been an ever-present constant in her life. Her love of horses is the central driving force behind many of her present day projects.


Sue founded Hopes, Dreams, and Horses, an Equine Assisted Therapy Center in 1998 which helps a myriad of children and adults learn and heal by interaction with horses. A portion of all of the proceeds are donated to this amazing therapy center. Information on this non-profit organization can be found at: www.hopesdreamsandhorses.org

Through traumatic personal experience with her own miniature horse, Biscuit, Sue’s love and determination set her on the path to find an alternative treatment for Biscuit, who was ravaged by Pythium/Florida Leeches. Her sheer will, determination, and exhaustive research resulted in the development of Fungus Free Plus in 2005– the natural and organic herbal product which alleviated this dreaded fungal infection.

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