Major’s Solution™ (formerly Fungus Free Plus) is an effective, safe, and simple topical and internal herbal therapy, endorsed by veterinarians. Initially created to assist in the healing process for horses with the deadly disease Pythiosis, it was soon discovered that Major’s Solution™ was also excellent for numerous fungi and skin disorders. Major’s Solution™ can make the  time it takes to heal, a shorter and more comfortable process for equines and canines alike. Our solution contains many of the world’s most time-honored essential oils. The healing power of these top-quality oils is both proven in practice and in scientific study.

We are proud to say that we source our high quality ingredients from a certified organic farm in the United States.

Thrush Summer Sores
Whiteline Scurf
Pythiosis Mange
Ringworm Hot Spots
Rain Rot Greasy Heel
Scratches & so much more!